everything i have is better than yours

hits and misses in the kitchen

the first was my attempt to eat japanese food again since i havent had a decent japanese meal since i left so cal.  zaru soba with mushrooms and steak.  it was ok but not what i wanted.  you can tell by my lack luster plating that i didnt really care.  i need to figure out a better dipping sauce for the soba.  anyhow, it was good enough, not what i wanted though. 

then there was the epic apple miso marinated pork chop on top of roasted apples, topped with glazed almonds (ginger and sugar.  easy enough)  with apple cabbage coleslaw and feta cheese mashed potatoes.  now that meal was frikin great.  i asked myself to marry me like 8 times that night, but i never gave me a straight answer.  i like to play hard to get.